Personal training allows us to purely focus on YOU.

We will go to the next level to tailor all training programs, nutritional guidance and ongoing support (in and out of the studio) around what YOU need to create a healthy and active lifestyle you can maintain for the future.

Not only do we help you set goals and tailor your sessions to help you reach them, we aim to improve your movement quality and posture along the way so you move better every day, activate the right muscles when you exercise, and get the most out of every training session.

We make sure you enjoy your sessions by incorporating the ways you like to exercise and helping you challenge yourself to make small improvements each time you come to Peachi PT, which means you have fun during your sessions and leave feeling motivated by your continuous progress!

How It Works

  • We offer both one-on-one and two-on-one training, so you can exercise with a buddy and work together to achieve your goals.
  • We create your program and track your progress using:
    • Movement screenings to assess posture, muscle activation and joint mobility.
    • Body Assessments – tape measurements of 5 points on your body (no scales here!)
    • Fitness Assessments – tests your bodyweight strength, cardio fitness and flexibility.
  • All sessions run for 55 minutes.
  • We have flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle.

14 Day Peachi 14 Day Kickstartonly $97

All included for only $59

  • A movement assessment
  • one-on-one session
  • 4 shared PT sessions
  • Unlimited Group Class access

* This promotion in an introductory offer valid for first time customers only

Peachi Personal Training