How To HIIT!

To me there is nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction and exhaustion after a High Intensity Interval Training session (HIIT) on the stepper at the gym or the rower in our studio! People think I’m crazy when I say I love pushing my body to the limit on a stair machine, and maybe I ... Read more

Make Yourself #1

Mind Muscle Connection
How often do find yourself abandoning your exercise plans because life gets in the way – you have too much work to do, family commitments arise or you just get caught up in the day and before you know it you only have 30-minutes left to spare for the exercise you had planned? I am ... Read more

What is Functional Training?

The world of exercise has changed dramatically over the last decade, and there's been a real shift towards the concept of functional training. But what does that actually mean? I get asked all the time. I have been working with the Functional Training Institute, co-founded by Dan Henderson, a leader in functional training education in Australia, ... Read more

Benefits of Protein Powder

  Regularly clients are asking me is they should be incorporating protein shakes into their diet, so I want to share with you a few benefits of protein powder. It's really great for muscle repair, meaning your body and your muscles will recover faster after a workout. It's good for managing your calories - if you're trying ... Read more
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